Friday, June 18, 2010


so yesterday was my birthday and i got no call from my father. i expected for him not to call (like any other holiday) but then again i just recently told him it was my birthday. yes, my father doesn't even know his youngest son's birthday and he only has two kids! that is pitiful in my eyes. how can you call yourself a man when you are letting another man take care of your child. every time something has happened to my dad i was right there and forgot about all of the things that he has done but now i dont think i can forget this. it's sad because he always can find some sort of excuse as to why he didnt call or maybe this time he'll lie like the many times before and say that he has been calling me. i dont know what the case may be but i know that right now, i am through with him. when i get older and have a family of my own i will be sure to be at every birthday or special occasion for my child; whether the mother and i are together or not.

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