Sunday, July 26, 2009

What You Do [Music Video]

yoo !! am i tha only person that loves this woman . i think she is bomb !!!
well im kinda late on posting this video but yeah its nice & pooch hall or "derwin davis" from the tv show The Game is in the video too . .

i love tha sound of her voice . its so old fashion

Wiz Khalifa

okay , so today i went shopping w| my friends & we went to atlantic station & we seen this madd tall dude walking by & we all was looking at each other . so me being me blurted out "is that wiz khalifa" & he turned around & was like "yeah thats me" . lol . we all got excited & we asked to take pictures w| him . but he was like a cool guy & he wasnt all stuck up & had attitudes about nothing . but yeah anyways here's the picture :)

oh & for the people that dont know him , hes a rapper . my fav. song by him is Say Yeah

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Project Natal

well looks like wii has a challenger . i introduce to you Project Natal for Xbox 360 . well this really needs no introduction . i personally think its BOMB & im going to try to talk my mom into getting me this when it hits the market .

hmm , i wonder how many souls they gave up for this one .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dirty Money

looks like diddy's heading a new direction . today i was just browsing on worldstarhiphop & i came across a video of diddy but what i really noticed was my baby dawn :) . well anyways , diddy's new group will consist of him , dawn , & kaleena

hopefully this will last . sounds pretty nice to me .
what do you think ?

Converse or Pants ?

i really thought this was funny & decided to post it to show others who may not have seen this . when i see these i couldn't do nothing but think would someone really wear this !?!



ladies tell me would you wear these


a friend of mines gave me this link & as i watched it the only thing i could do was smh . i really hope this is just a joke to get youtube viewers or just to look back on & laugh . if not shame on you .

well atleast they're dancing to chris brown :)


i think this is one of the sexiest women in the world ! she is so real & that's just a big TURN ON !! but anyways the video speaks for itself so watch it all & enjoy :)