Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Been A While

man oh man its been a while since i been on here . but what's good !?!?
well i made it through the first week of school . goshy leez i gotta take 2 AP classes this year .
& on top of that i have band practice EVERYDAY but im not complaining
next week we're having our first parade of the year [Aug. 19, 2009) .
im a bit nervous seeing that its my first year in the marching band & then we had / have to learn 4 songs in one week !
but anyways a lot has been going on & thats the reason why i havent been here to update you all on the latest things as far as my life .
a lot of good & bad things have been happening to me but im learning to look on the brighter side of things . .
hmm , maybe in the near future i will update this a little more & fill you in a little .

but how have you guys been ? how's school ?
fill me in !!

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