Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wiz Khalifa

okay , so today i went shopping w| my friends & we went to atlantic station & we seen this madd tall dude walking by & we all was looking at each other . so me being me blurted out "is that wiz khalifa" & he turned around & was like "yeah thats me" . lol . we all got excited & we asked to take pictures w| him . but he was like a cool guy & he wasnt all stuck up & had attitudes about nothing . but yeah anyways here's the picture :)

oh & for the people that dont know him , hes a rapper . my fav. song by him is Say Yeah


  1. you nd ur friends are soooo LUCKY! good thing you sayd sumthn nd didnt keep walkin. ahahaha.
    ONE of my fav rappers too. fav song by him is.... I make it HOT!

  2. Say Yeah! I love that song too. How cool & I would expect yo ass to shout that out loud lol, but good thing you did. I like celebs who aren't cocky *coughs* Kanye, Kobe. lol